Free Book: A Completely NEW System For Leapfrogging to the Top of ANY MARKET...FAST! 
Free Book: 
A Completely NEW  System For Leapfrogging to the Top of ANY MARKET...FAST
Created by a Father of 7 Kids, Ed O’Keefe, who has taken 4 different businesses in 3 completely different markets, from ZERO to 7 and 8 Figures at RAPID Speeds! 

(With Time Collapsing, You Now Have The Tools  Replicate The Exact Strategies Used By Entrepreneurs Behind Million And Billion Dollar Companies like Apple, Tesla, Dollar Shave Club and Air BNB.)

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Created by a Father of 7 Kids, Ed O’Keefe, who has taken 4 different businesses in 3 completely different markets, from ZERO to 7 and 8 Figures at RAPID Speeds! 
(With Time Collapsing, You Now Have The Tools  Replicate The Exact Strategies Used By Entrepreneurs Behind Million And Billion Dollar Companies like Apple, Tesla, Dollar Shave Club and Air BNB.)

*All I ask is just pay a small shipping and handling fee & we'll get it Shipped to you within 24 hours!
What Is “Time Collapsing?”
Time Collapsing is NOT another book about productivity hacks or how to get through your "to-do" list faster.

It's NOT a get rich quick method that doesn't create long-term wealth and ends up leaving you more confused and frustrated.

And it's NOT going to take you away from doing what you love.

Time Collapsing, is the Behind-The-Scenes System, That Has Sold Well Over $80,000,000 In Services, Consulting, Supplements, Seminars, and Informational Products Laid Out on A Silver Platter For You! 

If you are an entrepreneur, solo-preneur, author, podcaster, or investor in the $0-$10,000,000 range, then this book will give you every tool to 3x-10X....guaranteed!
What's Inside The Pages of Time Collapsing?
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Introducing Time Collapsing
A New Success System For Starting, Profiting, and Rapidly Growing Your Own Personal Wealth Machine 
in the Exponential & Ever-Changing World.
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 rave about Ed
Ed is one of my best friends, he’s also one of the smartest people I know. It’s rare someone can successfully start, self-fund, and scale multiple companies in multiple markets he knew nothing about. Most importantly, he’s an outstanding dad, husband, and person!”

Vince Fisher, Author of “A Better You! Your Best Investment!” Chairman and CEO

“The Best Thing about Ed is he lives his concept of “Time Collapsing!” Whenever I’ve given him an idea or strategy, next thing I know he has it done and done well! If you want to learn from a guy who is in the trenches and is doing what he is teaching - that is Ed!”

Roland Frasier; Best Selling Author, Principal at Medusa

“I don’t know how Ed does it. Being a great entrepreneur is tough and requires you to grind and be a true DreamChaser. Combine that with being a Super-Dad of 7 kids and you have a true Dream Chaser keeping it real.”

Com Mirza; Billion Dollar Mastermind, 
Global Investor, Chief Dream Chaser

I want to give you more, and in just a moment I’ll reveal exactly what you’ll discover within the pages of
“Time Collapsing.”

But business books are a dime-a-dozen. They’re written by people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. They’ve never been there and done it. They just hustle without any purpose or direction and have more letters after their name than dollars in their bank account.


And More...

As soon as you secure your limited edition free copy of “Time Collapsing” you’ll be emailed a unique code to give you access to all the bonuses listed above, as well as many more “inner circle secrets” from behind the Time Collapsing curtain.

27 Proven In-The-Trenches Strategies For Leaping To The Top,
The "$100,000 Day" System... All By Working Less & Living More...
INSIDE Of This FREE Book, Here Are A 
Few Of The Secrets That You’ll Be 
Given For FREE....
  • The #1 Thing I Did, At My Kitchen Table, To Take My Business From $200,000/Month and Losing Money To $1,700,000/Month In Just a few Months! (Preface)
  • How A 28 Year Old, Former White Rapper, Disrupted The Private Jet Industry, Selling His Company To Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway – pg. 2
  • How you can legally steal the secrets of Dollar Shave Club, Uber, Air BNB, & Amazon so you can DOMINATE and DISRUPT your market before the leaders have any idea what's happening.
  • The 7 "Barrier Free" Market Forces For Fast Moving Entrepreneurs! This is your BIG CHANCE to create a global movement fast no matter where you are currently at...we reveal it all on pages 16 &138
  • Why “Goals” Don’t Work And How To Use The Tectonic Shift, Tsunami, and Directional Pull System for Guaranteeing Success! Warning: I also share the “Undertow”, which explains the Traps Once You Have Your Next Breakthrough. A Must Read For Anyone Serious About Not Falling Victim To This Invisible Success Hazard! (Page 43) 
  • 450,000,000 copies later... How J.K. Rowling REALLY came up with the Harry Potter Series and how to tap into your own "hidden idea whispers – (Page 135) 
And that's only the first 138 pages...
Keep reading and you'll also discover:
  • Why Adele’s “Tsunami of Success” is something you can tap into to as well! 
  • Why putting in more hours, getting more qualifications and working harder are the fastest route to going belly up (and what to do about it FAST) 
  • 3 basic questions you need to ask yourself to free your mind. (Note: This is not some hippy B.S … this is the real deal for serious business owners.) 
  • 12 Traditional Thinking Myths That Keep You Hostage To Your Current Income and Lifestyle & The Time Collapsing Belief System That Will FREE You! (Page 8)
  • Why people with LESS TALENT THAN YOU will overtake you if you don’t leverage this one key skill (Don’t worry – this is fixable for any dedicated "Time Collapser".) 
  • Why SLOW is The REAL ENEMY To Great And The #1 Process For Speeding Up Your Sales, Cash Flow, and Profit (Page 19)
  • Take The Exact Process I Used To Take 4 Different Businesses, In Different Markets, Products, and Services From ZERO to Over 7 and 8 Figures Fast And Plug It Into Your Business Today! No More Wishing, Hoping, Or Guessing!
  • Why ECommerce Platforms Like Amazon and Shopify Combined With Social Media Are Creating “At-Home” Millionaires Unlike Any Other Time In History And How To Take Advantage Of It! 
  • Want To Experience Triple Digit Growth Year Over Year For 3+ Years? The Secret To Using Social Media, Content Marketing, Plus Paid Advertising! The “Synergy” Effect is REAL and they are Proving It In Markets Like: Survival, Make Up, Real Estate Training, plus Online Training For Entrepreneurs And Teams! (Page 93) 
  • The 2,5,20,100,1000 System For Building Your Relationship Net Worth! My Exact System For “Digging My Well Before I’m Thirsty” And Being A Giver For The Long Term! This will transform How You Think About Relationships Forever! (Page 101)  
  • The American Dream, aka “Work Hard and You, Will Be Successful”, Is A LIE & Will Have You Stuck On The Treadmill Slaving Away! Most High-Income Earners Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck Hustling Daily to “Stay Ahead”. End This Today With This Time Collapsing Trick (Page 23)
  • My Personal System For “Decoding” Highly Successful Businesses and Individuals Fast In Order To Replicate and Surpass Their Results! Pick Your Model, Apply This System, and Watch Your Results Accelerate! (Page 119)
Let me be clear:

This is not a book that will give you more to add to your "to-do" list.

It is based on experience, on years of success, and on proven models used by billion-dollar companies across the globe
YES... the exact same ones I used to build 4 different business from zero to 7- and 8 figures RAPIDLY. 

And all while working from the comfort of my own home raising my BIG family.

The goal of Time Collapsing System is to help you find the levers that can move your world. The Vital inputs that, once identified, can have the most dramatic outputs.

Right now, people with less talent and less passion than you are making 6 and 7 figures a year from Amazon, Facebook, and Shopify with nothing more than a laptop and Internet connection. (Why aren’t you?)

This process is designed to remove friction, resistance, and FREE you up to move forward with clarity AND a strategy that you can apply right this instant.

To see the success patterns that work for YOU...that give you joy, motivation, inspiration, and courage...while also giving you a system for accelerating THAT strategy!

To be in control, experience real power, confidence, awareness, flexibility, and direct it toward what Steven Pressfield calls your “Authentic Swing”.

My Promise: Everything in here WORKS. Not just that, but it’s incredibly simple for any entrepreneur earning between $0 and $10,000,000 to copy.

I want you to grow your business FAST and with PROFIT. I don’t want you taking out loans, or adding more stress on you and your family, as you lie awake at night wondering where your next paycheck is coming from, or how you’ll pay the bills.

I’ve been there … and it sucks! Through trial and error, I learned how to fast-track business success (and did this with my own businesses, MULTIPLE TIMES) now it’s your turn …
How To Get Started...
Your copy of "Time Collapsing” is completely FREE. (No catch.) 

The only cost is a meager $7.95 to help cover publishing and shipping. Within 24 hours, your copy will be sent out. Just Click on the Button below and enter your information and we’ll get your FREE copy of "Time Collapsing" sent to your doorstep ASAP!
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My aim was to make this available free of charge to as many people as possible, but the private warehouse could only hold so many, and they WILL sell out fast.

Why wait? It’s free, and by dwelling on the decision, all you do is delay your chance of greater business success, and risk missing out on this opportunity.

Well, there are actually a few reasons... 

1. This is the book I WISH someone gave me 17 year ago!

It would’ve saved me years of being broke, unnecessary struggle, and wasted money listening to the wrong people. 

Time Collapsing IS my life’s work and I’m on a mission to get it into a million entrepreneurs hands
as fast as humanly possible!

There is NO Better Way Than To Simply GIVE IT AWAY FREE! 

2. Your Can’t Fake Real-World Experience and Wisdom 

Bluntly, I’ve been underground, in-the-trenches, building businesses (and still do) since I was 23 years old.  There are so many “gurus” teaching advice that will screw you up and have your more confused than ever. 

At the age of 40, and father of 7, I want YOU to have a real -world coach and friend who has been there and is still doing it! 

Every word in this book comes from experience or the experience I’ve modeled!  If I am a fake, you can find out for free.
If I’m the real deal, you’ll find out for free.

I’m confident that the Time Collapsing Process will not only help skyrocket your business, but will simplify your life.
If you build a business to support your life and create a true Time Collapsing Cash Cow Machine, you will never miss a kids event, or special occasion! 

I know if I help you explode your business, while giving you life freedom, you’ll join me at one of my conferences and become a raving fan. So, for ME and YOU, it’s a win-win! 

4. There is Nothing Like It! 

There are concepts in this book that I never read anywhere, but learned from being in the entrepreneurial grind. Or Discovered by watching or talking to what I would call a: Time Collapsing Entrepreneur. 

Nowhere has anyone combined the mindset component, exponential market analysis and research, with practical money-making skill sets. Honestly, it’s a big risk on my part, because I’m trying to pull off something no one has done before, but why not!

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Sound fair?

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Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Ed O'Keefe
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